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We would like to inform you that we have not created all EBM power point slides in this site. Some of them have been taken from related websites which we would like to thank them for the valuable slides. 

(Password: Eghtesad)

An Introduction to Philosophy and Critical Thinking.zip(4.5M)

Argument Vs Explanation.zip(148K)

Argument (1).zip(850K)

Argument (2).zip(441K)

Asking question-What are the issue and the conclusion?. zip(6.2M)
Asking question-what are value?. zip(1M)

Asking the right question. zip(3.5M)

Critical thinking and media(1).zip(319K)

Critical thinking and Media(2).zip(1.4M)

Critical thinking and media(3).zip(1.2M)

Critical thinking and media(4).zip(1.8M)

Critical thinking and media(5).zip(425K)

Critical thinking and media(6).zip(848K)

Critical thinking and media(7).zip(1.2M)






Elements of Thinking.zip(771K)

Elements of Thinking: assumption conclusion.zip(920K)

Elements: concept.zip(1M)

Elements: information assumption.zip(1.6M)

Elements: purpose problem information.zip(2.9M)

Elements: review 1.zip(730K)

Elements: review 2.zip(440K)

Epistemology1.zip (146K)

Epistemology2.zip (218K)

Epistemology3.zip (229K)

Fact &  Opinion (1).zip(185K)

Fact &  Opinion (2).zip(2.9M)

Fair Minded Thinker (1).zip(2.8M)

Fair Minded Thinker (2).zip(3.3M)

Inductive  Reasoning.zip(3.7M)

Inductive Fallacies(1).zip(175K)

Inductive Fallacies(2).zip(2M)

Introduction  to Critical Thinking.zip(559K)

Introduction to Reasoning (1).zip(223K)

Introduction to Reasoning (2).zip(1.8M)

Intellectual Standards and Fallacies 1.zip(461K)

Intellectual Standards and Fallacies 2.zip(1.5M)

Intellectual Standards 2: Clearness(2.4M)

Intellectual Standards 3: Accuracy-Precision(2.7M)

Intellectual Standards 4(2.4M)

Knowledge Philosophy 2.zip (126K)

Knowledge Philosophy 3.zip (71K)


Philosophy of ethics. zip(530K)
Positivism. zip(1M)

Sociocentrism 3.zip(1.8M)

Sociocentrism 4.zip(2.2M)

Stereotypical Thinking 1.zip(2.7M)

Stereotypical Thinking 2.zip(1.9M)

Types of claim(1) -into Persian.zip(142K)
Types of claim(2) -into Persian .zip(194K)
Types of claim(3) -into Persian s.zip(126K)


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